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WMG US Internships

Warner Music Group’s Internship Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain real world experience in the music industry. This multidimensional, educational program begins by matching interns to specific departments across WMG, based on their interests, for a semester-long internship. WMG offers internships all year long in each the summer, fall and spring seasons.

Upon joining our team, interns are fully immersed in the day-to-day activities of their department, participate in inter-department networking and learn directly from industry professionals. WMG interns are further exposed to the broader music industry environment by attending keynote speaker forums and educational workshops, and collaborate with one another on educational projects that address real business issues.

Warner Music Group is proud of its intern program, the professional development we offer to our WMG students, and the intern alumni network we’ve built across the country.

Program Overview

  • Location and Requirements

    Warner Music Group’s Internship Program operates in offices across the United States, including California (Burbank & Los Angeles), Miami, Nashville, and New York.

      Candidates must:
    • Be able to receive academic credit for the participating semester;
    • Be enrolled in a four-year accredited university;
    • Be a rising a junior, senior or graduate student;
    • Have previous internship experience preferred;
    • Be passionate and knowledgeable about the music industry.
  • Departments of interest

    Our internship opportunities vary by semester and location. Some of our most popular departments include A&R, Artist Development & Touring, Licensing, Marketing, Publicity, Finance, Business Development, Digital Media, Merchandise, Promotion, Research & Analysis, Sales, Studio Services, and Video.

  • Candidate interview process

    1) Connect with us when we next visit your campus here or via LinkedIn, or apply online by clicking here.
    2) Speak with one of our Campus Recruiters about your background, interests, and our program.
    3) Interview with an industry professional in one of your top departments of interest.


    At WMG you will get a unique perspective on our company, how it operates, and how to address real business issues. In addition to gaining unparalleled industry experience, an internship at WMG ensures that you will obtain access to incredible development opportunities. These include orientation with a former intern panel, resume writing workshops, executive speaker forums, and educational career mixers that allow you to meet individuals across the company.

  • When to Apply

    Summer Internship applications open January 15, and close April 1.
    Spring Internship applications open September 1, and close November 15.
    Fall Internship applications open June 1, and close August 1.


  • Joey A.

    “I had two internships at WMG - both in A&R. I learned so much about what to look for in a song, what differentiates a good artist from a great artist, and the best ways to search for undiscovered talent.”

  • Adriana B.

    “I would recommend an internship at WMG to anyone who is thinking about entering the music industry, entertainment industry, or simply testing the waters. It's a great place to learn comfortably and solidify whether it's something for you and your future.”

  • Emily A.

    “In the initial interview with my supervisor, I knew there was something special about WMG. We had such an educated conversation about hip-hop while respecting each other's tastes and opinions. I knew I was in the right environment.”

  • Stephanie C.

    “Last summer as a promotions intern with ADA, and most recently as a College Marketing Representative, I have had countless opportunities to meet executives, attend album releases, host promotional events, and provide marketing feedback to labels.”