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Music has the power to move, to inspire, to heal, and to be a force for good in an ever-changing world. We’re committed to powering positive change and investing in a variety of philanthropic initiatives. Large-scale, meaningful progress can only happen when everyone does their part in their own backyard, and we encourage our people to support causes that are most pressing at a local level, as well as those that affect society at large. We focus our efforts on the five categories below, through volunteering, in-kind donations and monetary contributions. We also weave giving back into other aspects of our operations, including through benefit concerts, company events, and using our global network to amplify the voices of the causes we support. The $100 million Warner Music Group / Blavatnik Family Foundation Social Justice Fund was established in June 2020. The Fund has written grants to organizations doing amazing work on the front lines of education, criminal justice, and cultural and performing arts, including Black Cultural Archives, Black Futures Lab, Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, Howard University, the Reform Alliance, and Rhythm & Blues Foundation. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact
our philanthropic pillars
community supportcommunity support
We are committed to helping the less fortunate, including those struggling with hardships such as poverty, unemployment, and lack of access to basic human rights, in addition to supporting communities in the aftermath of natural and/or man-made disasters.
We work with local communities and global organizations to promote sustainability and help restore environments and ecosystems that have been devastated by disasters.
equity and social justiceequity & social justice
We partner with organizations working to increase equity, inclusion, belonging, and access to opportunities for marginalized populations in the music industry and beyond.
We support organizations that advance the research and treatment of various illnesses, as well as those that help individuals and their families deal with the physical and mental challenges associated with life-threatening diseases.
We work to support, educate, and empower young people, in order to promote the development of intellectual, social, and creative skills, while helping to ensure that musical and technological innovation thrives into the future.
COVID Response
As part of our philanthropic commitment to Wellbeing and Community Support, WMG has strived to assess where and how we can be of the most help during this incredibly difficult time for so many people and communities. From beginning of the pandemic, we have contributed to organizations around the world to aid frontline workers, small business owners, out of work concert/touring staff, and others who need assistance.
Through donations, supply drives, benefit concerts, and virtual volunteering, we have raised funds and awareness for many organizations, including:
Social Justice Fund
The $100 million Warner Music Group / Blavatnik Family Foundation Social Justice Fund was established in June 2020, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the killings of countless other Black and marginalized individuals at the hands of people in positions of privilege and power.
The Fund invests in organizations around the globe that build more just and equitable communities and create real change in the lives of historically underserved people. We focus our investments on organizations that are led by and work to benefit affected populations, principally Black populations, in their intersectional dimensions.
Our sustained, long-term investments focus on our three key strategic pillars: education, arts and culture, and criminal justice, with the belief that work in these areas will aid in dismantling structural racism and advancing equity and justice for all people.
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