Press Release


November 29, 2023

Boomy’s A&R Team to Bring Top AI-Empowered Artists and Exclusively Curated Music to ADA

Boomy Corporation (“Boomy”), a leading AI-generative music creation platform, label, and publisher representing a new creative class of technology-enabled musicians, today announced a distribution partnership with ADA Worldwide, the independent distribution and label services arm of Warner Music Group (“WMG”). Under the terms of the agreement, Boomy’s A&R team will bring top artists and exclusively curated music from the Boomy roster to ADA. With the support of ADA’s global network, select Boomy artists will be distributed and marketed across platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, TIDAL, TikTok, Meta/Instagram, Deezer, Snap, and many more.

The first-of-its-kind deal represents WMG’s interest in unlocking new possibilities to enhance creativity while protecting the rights of artists. Boomy does not train models on copyrighted musical works without permission from rightsholders. Instead, Boomy’s AI systems enable human creators from all over the world to make their own original music, even if they lack expensive tools or a formal music-making education.

Boomy Co-Founders Alex Mitchell and Matthew Santorelli commented, “We are proud to partner with ADA, which shares our desire to nurture unique talent, while supporting a creative group of AI-empowered artists. This partnership will lead to incredible opportunities for Boomy artists to reach new audiences and help amplify how they make and share their music. We look forward to collaborating with ADA’s talented team.”

ADA President Cat Kreidich added, “We’re living in an incredibly exciting moment at the nexus of music and technology. We’re learning, we’re experimenting, and we’re responsibly exploring ways to meet this moment. The Boomy team is providing artists with the tools to unleash new forms of creativity, and we’re excited to help take that to the next level, bringing the best of Boomy to the marketplace in an impactful and strategic way.”

Some of the first artists to benefit from this new partnership include pioneering voices such as:


  • Jelie is a rapper, producer, and sound engineer from Denver. She holds a bachelor’s degree in recording arts from the University of Colorado Denver, creates tutorials on music production, and has given a TED talk about the business of being an artist. Additionally, she volunteers with Beats By Girlz, teaching girls and gender non-conforming kids the basics of music production.


  • Katirha is a German artist and harpist with a passion for music production and composition. Her debut EP Oh What A View is the first album ever to combine AI and harp, and she utilized the lo-fi and relaxation AI styles in its creation. She sees AI as a fun tool that adds value to her creative process.


  • Lightfoot is a producer/beat-maker from Boston. He is an Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music and serves as a Director at The Hip Hop Transformation, an organization that equips teens with the resources and support to create authentic art.

Paperboy Prince

  • Paperboy Prince is an artist, rapper, and entrepreneur. They studied computer science and journalism at the University of Maryland before moving to New York City, where they own the Love Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a combination community center, art gallery, and vintage store. Through their work they aim to seamlessly blend politics and artistry.

Plague of Grackles

  • Plague of Grackles is a musical project combined with human intervention to produce a mixture of techno and lo-fi tunes. The project uses technology to upcycle “found sounds” to create sonic experiences through textured and layered beats.