Less Than One Year In, ADA Latin Strikes Global Deals with Some of the Region’s Biggest Players

March 18, 2021

By admin_wmg

Less than a year since its launch, ADA Latin, the Latin division of Warner Music Group’s ADA Worldwide, has secured global distribution deals with some of the most respected and ingenious labels and artists in Latin music. Among them are EDM veteran Toy Selectah’s Worldwide Records and renowned L.A. indie label Cosmica Records, as well as GRAMMY Award-winning megastars Carlinhos Brown (Candyall Music) and Eduardo Cabra (La Casa del Sombrero). Other major names include Roberto Andrade (NIÜ Records), Fernando Costa, Halley Records, Rawayana (Broccoli Records), King Records, Furacão 2000, MC Livinho, Adso Alejandro, A.C.O., and Raquel Sofia.

Juan Paz, Managing Director, ADA Latin, said: “We’re proud and honored to count these phenomenal artists and labels – who are undoubtably shaping the future of Latin and global indie-spirited music – as part of our ADA family. We’ve joined with many of the greatest creative talents in music, and being able to partner with these influential players in our first year of business is a credit to the vision and expertise of our highly respected powerhouse leadership team. It’s also a testament to ADA’s value offering within the independent distribution space and our strong commitment to the region and its incredible artistry. A big welcome to Toy, Gil, Carlinhos, Eduardo, Roberto, and all of our signees – and special thanks to our local DSP partners for their strong support in this short time. As I’ve said before, this is only the beginning.”

The Miami-headquartered ADA Latin, which operates across Latin U.S., Latin America, Spain, and Portugal, launched in July 2020 and has aggressively built out a global leadership team focused on serving the Latin space with custom partnerships and unmatched offerings. Each of the company’s agreements is tailor-made to suit the aspirations of the individual artist and/or respective label.

Worldwide Records, founded by visionary producer, DJ and A&R Toy Selectah, known across the globe for his trademark sound, has signed with ADA Mexico. Worldwide serves as a talent incubator and music trend developer for the entire region, with a roster of next generation artists such as Uzielito Mix, Bruses, YoSoyMatt, and Ivana.

Selectah said: “Working hand-in-hand with ADA, our entire community and team across our labels (Worldwide, Penca, Honey, Mellow) will be able to consolidate and maximize our performance, while building our industry relationships and international reach. ADA’s arrival in LATAM coincides with the second business stage of our company; our artists are showing exponential growth and we’re focused on global development. All of this is combined with the fact that the legendary history of the Warner Music labels has been an example and a reference for many years, during which we have been pushing the idea of seedbeds and stamps from Latin America that can generate global impact.”

Cosmica Records, a leading indie label and management company representing artists from SoCal and beyond, has partnered with ADA Latin U.S. and Atlantic Records. With this agreement, Cosmica and its extensive roster of artists, including Carla Morrison, Katzù Oso, Vanessa Zamora, and Jarina De Marco, have access to different points in the label ecosystem.

Gil Gastelum, Founder & CEO, Cosmica Records, said: “In 2009, when I met Juan Paz at SXSW, I knew this guy was onto something super special, and all these years later, I know to trust his vision. Couple that with a fruitful relationship with Riggs Morales at Atlantic, who was instrumental in getting all of us together. They understand that we cannot be pigeonholed into just a nice neat Latin category. We come in all sights, sounds, colors, and languages. If it’s good, we aim to make it great together. Being part of the Warner lineage is a personal dream come true – their legacy is second to none, and my staff and I plan on respecting that and adding to it.”

Riggs Morales, Senior Vice President, Urban A&R, Atlantic Records, said: “Cosmica has been one of most thoughtful and progressive labels in Latin music for some time now. This partnership with our ADA family brings us a step closer to merging the creative gap between the Latin and English music. Truly excited at the possibilities.”

Carlinhos Brown, a Latin GRAMMY and Goya Award-winning, Oscar-nominated Brazilian icon famous for his inimitable style of genre-blending with traditional percussion, has signed with ADA Brazil. Along with his label, Candyall Music, and its artists, including Brown’s percussion band Timbalada, the deal grants creative license while bringing his unique music to new fans across the world.

Brown said: “My label and I are very motivated with the arrival of ADA for the digital distribution of my catalog. I believe that such a rich body of work of more than 400 recordings needs this security; it needs this care. Not just the new music, but the catalog as a whole. I consider that my work is extremely safe and in good hands for a necessary diffusion of what I most like to do – serve others through music.”

Eduardo Cabra, a 28-time Latin GRAMMY and GRAMMY Award-winning producer, multi-instrumentalist, and musical composer, has signed with ADA Latin U.S. Formerly known as “Visitante,” as part of famed duo Calle 13, Cabra will bring his own innovative music as well as his recently launched San Juan-based record label, La Casa del Sombrero, to the new partnership.

Cabra said: “I am thrilled with the launch of La Casa del Sombrero, a project that has been in the works for quite a long time. I am also very grateful to ADA for getting onboard. It is a true team effort. The label’s focus is on new artistic projects, especially from the production side, and with the support of ADA, I am sure this dynamic music will have the reach it deserves. I am very excited to start 2021 with the beginning of Casa del Sombrero, alongside the ADA ‘corillo.’”

Roberto Andrade, and his newly formed Medellin-based label NIÜ Records, has signed to ADA Andean Region. Andrade, who previously managed superstar Sebastián Yatra, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help develop and propel new talents to stardom.

Andrade said: “The path to success is always more effective and entertaining with a great ally. I am proud to see NIÜ Entertainment Group take its first steps together with ADA Latin. This collaboration seeks to strengthen our expertise as a talent incubator. We celebrate our convergence with clear purpose: an inescapable commitment to Latin music and a determination to support the development of new talent.” 

In addition to the aforementioned partnerships, ADA Latin has secured deals with Spanish rapper Fernando Costa, Catalonian label Halley Records, indie reggae sensation Rawayana (Broccoli Records), leading urban Colombian label King Records, famous Brazilian funk label Furacão 2000 and influential funk singer MC Livinho, promising Venezuelan urban-pop talent Adso Alejandro, up-and-coming Peruvian rapper A.C.O., and Puerto Rican singer/songwriter Raquel Sofia, among many others.

Eliah Seton, President of Independent Music & Creator Services, Warner Music Group, said: “On behalf of everyone at ADA, we’re so proud of Juan Paz and the entire team at ADA Latin for their extraordinary success in just a few short months, during a pandemic no less. Juan has assembled the best team in the business to champion independent artists and partners, amplify their voices, and realize their creative visions not just throughout the region, but around the world. This team has made ADA the home for the future of music across Latin America.”