Press Release


October 10, 2022

By WRM Communications

Warner Music Poland and the Groupa STEP, the owner of the renowned independent Step Records label, have announced that they are launching a new business partnership.

Step Records has established itself over the last 15 years as one of the leading players in the Polish hip-hop market. Since its launch in 2008, the label’s video channel – the biggest Polish music channel on YouTube – has featured almost all the top talent from the Polish music scene.

The label’s catalogue consists of more than 150 albums and many more titles have been released by its distribution arm StepHurt Dystrybucja, with large numbers of them featuring in the Polish charts.

Adrian Ciepichał, Managing Director, Warner Music Poland, says: “Grupa STEP is a team of committed and passionate people. For more than 15 years, they’ve been a key player on the Polish hip-hop scene. I’m sure that together we can create the perfect environment to support young and gifted rappers in Poland. This collaboration sends a clear message that we’re ready to undertake many new exciting projects in this space.”

Paweł Krok, cofounder of the Grupa STEP, adds: “We’ve always seen the need for constant development at Grupa STEP. Step Records’ history goes back to 1989, when our parents founded the first company with the word “Step” in its name. Teaming up with Warner Music is the next – nominative determinism – step in our development. As we share WM Poland’s business approach, we see this collaboration as an opportunity to harness synergies and our contribution to the growth of hip-hop in Poland and Europe.”

The deal with the Grupa STEP is another crucial partnership for Warner Music Poland. It follows the announcement in May 2022 of its collaboration with Big Idea – a well-established local hip-hop festival and concert promoter.

This unique synergy of Big Idea, Step Records, and Warner Music Poland will be able to offer comprehensive support for the most talented hip-hop artists from Poland and beyond.