November 23, 2022

By WMG Communications


Warner Recorded Music has signed Dalia Mubarak, one of the most influential female superstars in the Middle East.

Labelled the voice of the young Saudi generation, she blends contemporary music genres, such as R&B, with traditional Khaleeji music from the Gulf region, which incorporates instruments such as the duff drums, oud, mirwas and tabl. She has performed alongside some of the Arab world’s biggest singing legends, and headlined the biggest music festivals in Saudi Arabia, and the region, throughout her career.

Dalia Mubarak became instantly famous in the Arab Gulf as she introduced young vibes and contemporary topics through her music with the release of her debut single, ‘Turn the Table’, in 2014. Furthermore, her debut album, Min Al Akher, achieved significant success in Saudi Arabia and across the region.

Her talent emerged at an early age, as she started performing in several

operettas since the age of 14, turning her into the most prominent female Saudi Singer today. Her music holds firm messages on women’s empowerment and solidifying Arab female’s position within their society, making her their voice to the world.

Dalia Mubarak has enjoyed a string of hit singles, including ‘Areen Al Ashq’, ‘Beni O Bink’, ‘Damet Ghala’, ‘Fariq An Alnass’ ‘Khedni’, ‘Lail EL Mefarag’, ‘Qedar Qedar’, ‘Takhayel’ and ‘Ymkin’In 2020, she released ‘Elly Yemshy 3ady’, her first song sung in the Egyptian dialect, which introduced her to more music fans from across the Middle East and North Africa.

In June 2022 she featured on the front cover of Saudi Arabia Vogue and this month she won Best Saudi Arabian Artist at the Distinctive International Arab Festivals Awards (DIAFA) in Dubai.

Dalia Mubarak says: “I’m delighted to be signing a recording deal with Warner Music.  It’s got the global footprint, cultural connections and marketing expertise I need to help me take my music to even more fans around the world.  I’ve already got some exciting projects lined up and I can’t wait to share the details with you.”

Max Lousada, CEO, Warner Recorded Music comments: “The speed with which the Saudi music scene is advancing is amazing, and Dalia has been a trailblazer for change.  She symbolises a new generation of female artists from the country who are rewriting the rules and winning fans across the region and beyond.  We’re excited to be supporting the next stage of her international career.”

Alfonso Perez-Soto, President, Emerging Markets, Warner Recorded Music, adds: “Following our recent acquisition of Qanawat, we’re working at full speed to sign the best talent across the Middle East and North Africa. Dalia is the gold-standard for Arabic artists, so with the passion and synergy of our teams at Warner Music, there’s no doubt she’ll reach new fans worldwide with her music.”

Ahmed Nureni, General Manager, Warner Music Middle East, finishes: “Dalia is an absolute superstar who has helped transform the prospects for both female performers in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.  She’s a passionate performer and a thoughtful person who is committed to using her influence for good.”

Warner Music opened its Middle East affiliate back in 2018.  In 2021, it completed its investment in Rotana Music, the Arab world’s leading independent record label. And earlier this year, Warner Music completed its acquisition of Qanawat Music.

The recorded music market in the Middle East and North Africa is one of the fastest growing in the world.  Increasing numbers of music fans across the region – which has a population of some 430 million – are accessing streaming services.  There is a wide range of local music scenes, drawing on the region’s rich cultural heritage, and a shared language means there is strong potential for artists to break across borders.  An additional audience for those artists, who can help spread their influence and music, is the sizable Arab diaspora around the world, estimated in the tens of millions.

L-R: Hady Hajjar, Co-Founder / MD of Humanagement; Max Lousada, CEO, Warner Recorded Music; Dalia Mubarak; Simon Robson, President, International, Warner Recorded Music; Alfonso Perez-Soto, President, Emerging Markets, Warner Recorded Music; and Mohammad Darwish Alzarooni, Dalia’s manager