Warner Music Expands Hip-Hop Imprint Juuice Across Greater China

June 3, 2021

Warner Music China (“WM China”) announced today that it is expanding JUUICE, its mainland-born hip-hop imprint, across the Greater China region. This strategic move will see WM China extend its focus on and commitment to the vibrant hip-hop scene within the territory, and will serve to elevate the music of its artists to new heights.

JUUICE is currently home to some of the most recognizable names in Chinese hip-hop. Top artists that are currently signed to the imprint include Ty. and Deng Dian Guo, both of who are well respected and highly regarded in the region.

Further to JUUICE’s expansion, the first flagship artist to join it will be Bohan Phoenix, an influential Chinese hip-hop megastar and rap pioneer.

Bohan Phoenix was born in the Chinese province of Hubei, but spent much of his youth in the United States, where he started rapping at the age of 13. After studying at New York University, Bohan Phoenix moved back to Chengdu, widely known as the birthplace of Chinese hip-hop. There, he played an integral part in the development of the local music scene, and collaborated with some of the most prominent and beloved artists in the genre, including Higher Brothers and Vava.

Bohan Phoenix stated: “I’m thrilled to join Warner Music China and the JUUICE family. They work with some of the greatest talents in the genre, and I’m so excited to become part of the roster. I can’t wait to continue my work building bridges between East and West through music in the months and years to come.”

Jonathan Serbin, CEO of Greater China for Warner Music Asia, said: “We are very pleased to welcome Bohan Phoenix to the Warner Music family. He is a true original and boasts one of the most exciting voices of the Chinese diaspora. He brings to the art his experiences from both the East and the West, capturing the dichotomy of his multi-cultural, bilingual upbringing. It is a great privilege to be able to work with him as he prepares to launch and showcase his music to the world.”

Turning to the expansion of the label, Serbin adds: “We are delighted to announce the expansion of JUUICE across Greater China. Already a force in the mainland, we are now leveraging the resources of our other affiliates, Hong Kong and Taiwan, to fuel JUUICE’s ability to promote its roster across a wider network in Asia. JUUICE artists will benefit from Warner Music’s integrated marketing and promotion efforts across the region, enabling them to accelerate their careers by reaching the widest audience possible.”

Simon Robson, President, International, Recorded Music, Warner Music Group, concludes: “Hip-hop and rap is one of the fastest growing segments in the Asian music markets. JUUICE is already a respected and credible label in China, now we want to support the best talent throughout Greater China, as well as Chinese-speaking artists from around the world, and raise their profile globally.”