Warner Music Group and Genies Sign Partnership to Bring WMG’s Roster of Artists to Life as Avatars

April 30, 2021

News Comes on Heels of Genies Launching New NFT SDK and 3D Luxury Avatars Used By Thousands of Artists, Athletes, and Entertainers Including Cardi B, Carmelo Anthony, and Pokimane

Innovative Partnership Expands Digital Representation And The Creator Economy by Enabling Artists to Sell Digital Wearables Directly To Consumers

Genies, the world’s largest avatar technology company, and Warner Music Group (WMG) have established a global partnership to develop avatars and digital wearable NFTs, for WMG’s artists. Genies, who has built avatars for a broad roster of celebrities, recently launched their new 3D Avatar and Digital Wearables NFT SDK, which allows talent to sell exclusive limited edition digital wearables – such as clothing, accessories, and tattoos – to their fans’ Genies avatars to memorialize key life defining moments such as song or album releases. Once a user creates their own Genie, they can use the Genie throughout social media via Genies recent partnership with Giphy.

Through WMG’s partnership with Genies, WMG’s artists will be able to produce and distribute virtual beings that facilitate fan reach across immersive platforms and metaverses. Through Genies’ partnership with Dapper Labs, a blockchain technology company and makers of NBA Topshot in which WMG is invested, WMG’s artists and songwriters will also be able to turn their favorite cultural moments or latest artistic endeavors into exclusive “Digital Wearables Drops” that their fans can own and use on their Genie avatar forever. This will happen on the Genies Marketplace that will run on Dapper Labs’ Flow Blockchain.

“Both music and avatars provide humans with the ability to fully express their authentic personalities. Cultural icons and figures are some of the most expressive people on earth and they should not be constrained by real world limitations. This partnership allows the leaders of culture to fully immerse themselves into the fantastical realm of the metaverse and build new, direct, and authentic connections with their respective followings and fanbases,” said Akash Nigam, CEO of Genies.

“WMG is consistently focused on positioning its artists and songwriters at the forefront of the rapidly growing digital media ecosystem. As avatars and their customization become an increasingly relevant avenue for self-expression and merch generates diversified sources of revenue, WMG’s partnership with Genies will enable our artists and songwriters to tap into a new form of self-expression and audience reach,” said Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer at Warner Music Group.

For more information, please visit https://genies.com/.