Press Release

WMG and STYNGR Partner to Create New Music Products

June 17, 2024

STYNGR-Designed Experiences Bring WMG Catalog to Roblox Users

As the intersection of music and gaming continues to evolve, STYNGR and Warner Music Group (Nasdaq: WMG) have partnered to offer cutting-edge music solutions that are both gamer-focused and gamer-friendly across the video gaming landscape. The companies today announce the launch of an innovative new music product, “Batteries,” created for the Roblox developer community. These purchasable in-game items power STYNGR’s ‘Boombox’ product, delivering users dynamically curated ad-fee radio stations featuring today’s top artists.

STYNGR is launching two classes of Batteries that will be purchasable for time-based listening via Roblox’s digital currency: Single Listening Batteries, which provide players with weekly-refreshed radio stations of curated tracks, and Party Batteries, which offer the same functionality while also facilitating social listening sessions among up to four players within the same game. Through these music-listening offerings, STYNGR and Warner Music Group are creating monetized opportunities for artists and songwriters, allowing them to reach new listeners and engage existing fans.

With the launch of Batteries, Warner Music Group and STYNGR are working closely together to empower the Roblox developer community with more tools to monetize their game experiences. In addition to giving Roblox developers’ the opportunity to earn a share of the revenue generated from Battery sales, STYNGR data indicates that music features can significantly improve key user experience and engagement metrics such as session length, frequency, and player retention.

Allan Coye, EVP, Global Head of Recorded Music Business Development at WMG said, “We’re always looking for ways to expand the reach of music and unlock new opportunities for artists and songwriters. Music and gaming make for a natural partnership, and we’re excited to work with STYNGR to introduce new music products to fans inside of Roblox.”

Alex Tarrand, COO of STYNGR, added, “STYNGR is the portal for bringing music and gaming together and is at the forefront of transforming how music is experienced across the gaming sector. Our collaboration with Warner Music Group and Roblox combines our strengths to introduce something truly innovative to millions of gamers and music fans worldwide.”

Batteries are set to launch across the extensive network of Super League Entertainment today as well as major Roblox experiences such as Pear Studio’s Paradise RP, Play Pal’s oMega Obby, and Toya’s Miraculous LadyBug. This strategic rollout will ensure that the integration of STYNGR’s new features is seamless and enhances how music is experienced by users within Roblox.