WEA is now WMX.

When WEA was formed in 1971, it brought together three visionary record labels – Warner Bros., Elektra, and Atlantic – to form a musical powerhouse that changed the face of the modern music business. A half century later, the company holds true to how Billboard magazine described it on the occasion of its 25th anniversary: “a worldwide network with a local focus” driven by “whole new categories of sales and service.” Today, Warner Music Group continues to set the standard for innovating artist services in the 21st century, now with WMX.

WMX takes it to the next level by extending the power of our artists to create even bigger moments in history.  We amplify artists and unlock new opportunities in merch, e-commerce, retail, licensing, world tours, gaming, content, collaborations, VIP experiences and more.  

We connect brands with groundbreaking artists to push through the noise and reach their intended audiences around the world.  We do it because having a voice isn’t just about saying something.  It’s about being heard. 

For artist. For advertisers. For audiences. For our fans.  Experience more with WMX.