Press Release


October 17, 2023

The leading dance music label is giving electronic music fans 50 mental-health boosting soundscape albums, reworking its expansive catalog using Endel AI

Spinnin’ is the first label to activate Warner Music Group’s global Endel deal with artists including Brazilian DJs Felguk and Italian production and DJ duo VINAI

Dance music is synonymous with late nights and euphoric revelry. But it has also been shown to have a positive effect on the brain and to reduce stress. That’s why Endel has teamed up with one of the world’s biggest electronic music labels to transform its hugely popular catalog into soundscapes for focus, relaxation, movement, and sleep.

In Endel’s largest and most ambitious project to date, it has collaborated with legendary label Spinnin’ Records to create 50 soundscape album playlists tailored for focus, relaxation, sleep, physical activity, and other functions. The first two soundscape albums are out now, with new albums dropping every week over the following months. The releases will fall under a newly created profile named Spinnin’ COSMOS. Artists involved in the project so far include Brazilian DJs Felguk and Italian production and DJ duo VINAI.

Steven de Graaf, Commercial Director, Spinnin’ Records and Susanne Hazendonk, VP, Marketing, Spinnin’ Records say, “We’ve always believed in the transformative power of electronic music – from creating unforgettable experiences in clubs and festivals, to soundtracking the activities of listeners in their daily lives. Now this collaboration with Endel has allowed us to tap into its most life-enhancing qualities by using their technology and scientific knowhow. It’s the sound of Spinnin’, but in a whole new way – for relaxation, sleep, and more.”

Electronic music has an estimated 1.5 billion listeners globally, the third most popular music genre worldwide. It’s the first time these billions of dance music lovers will have a whole range of functional music tailored to their tastes. Designed to be an ideal counterpoint to an intense night out, this music will use the sounds fans love to help them ease into a good night’s sleep, or make their way through a demanding day. Endel has reimagined tracks by some of the biggest artists on the Spinnin’ Records roster, using science-based methods.

This is the largest collaboration so far for Endel, which made its name co-creating generative AI soundscapes with artists like Plastikman, Miguel, Grimes, James Blake, and most recently, 6LACK. Its AI engine uses artist sounds (stems) to weave a new version that’s both instantly recognizable as the artist’s, yet uniquely designed for supporting mental health. This tech is now ready to take on entire catalogs and create a whole new class of functional music, which can be enjoyed in long-form playlists that listeners love.

Oleg Stavitsky, co-founder and CEO of Endel says, “We’ve successfully worked with individual artists to transform their unique sound into functional music for focus, relaxation, and sleep. With this collaboration with Spinnin’, we’ve transformed hundreds of tracks from their incredible catalog into life-enhancing albums and playlists at a huge scale while retaining the iconic sound of Spinnin’ Records and its artists.”

This collaboration is the first element in a larger strategic partnership between Warner Music Group and Endel, one that will push how AI can ethically expand current and catalog artists’ creative scope and opportunities. “The scale and ambition of this partnership will define a new class of functional music, one that goes far beyond white noise or study playlists in its impact,” reflects Stavitsky. “Together, we will serve a much wider group of listeners, to help them meet their needs and improve their lives.”